Venue and Registration

SONOLOGIA 2019 – I/O will be held at SESC’s Centro de Pesquisa e Formação. The conferencerooms that will be used in the paper presentations offer an audiovisual system. The presenters might use their own laptop or a communal laptop provided by us that will be available at each room. SESC’s Centro de Pesquisa e Formação is locate near Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo’s downtown, surrounded by restaurants, museums, hotels and commercial areas.

Centro de Pesquisa e Formação – CPF SESC SP
Rua Dr. Plínio Barreto, 285 – 4º andar
Bela Vista – São Paulo – SP
CEP 01313-020

Registration of participants will happen at the first day of conference (April 9, 2019), between 9 and 10:30am. The registration fee will be no more than 120BRL and should be paid at the moment of the registration.