Proceedings of the International Conference on Sound Studies
São Paulo, April 9-12, 2019
First Published in April 2020
by NuSom – Research Center on Sonology University of São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil
ISBN: 978-65-990224-1-8

Keynote Speaker – Mara Mills (New York University)

Speed Listening by Blind Readers and the History of Audio Time Compression
(Apr. 9th 2019)

Keynote Speaker – Susan Campos-Fonseca (Universidad de Costa Rica)

Technofeminist Decolonial Sound Studies
(Apr. 10th 2019)

Keynote Speaker – Ximena Alarcón  (University of Oslo)

Intimal: A Space for Relational Listening to Flow in-between Fragments of Memory, Migration and Conflict
(Apr. 12th 2019)

Round TableViolence, militarization, and sonic cultures

Carlos Palombini, Adriana Facina, Vincenzo Cambria.
(Apr. 11th 2019)