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¿MÚSICA? #14



¿MÚSICA? is a series of performances that has been taking place since 2006 and in which sonic and musical productions are taken as topics to discussion and reflection regarding current musical production. Some of the aspects that govern ¿MÚSICA? performances are experimentalism, the critical use of sound production technology, the interplay between visual, gestural and sonic elements, and the employment of techniques of improvisation along with exploration of the performance spaces.

The issue 14 of ¿MÚSICA? is part of SONOLOGIA 2019 and will take place at the Ibirapuera Planetarium, as a result of a partnership between this institution, NuSom and N.A.V.E Núcleo Autônomo de Viagens Espaciais. It will dialogue with the theme of this year conference I/O.

The I/O theme of SONOLOGIA 2019 reverberates throughout our artistic events. The performances that will take place on 10 April 2019 are the result of an encounter that questions and challenges borders. ¿MÚSICA? #14: Encounters, Sonorities, Universes is based on the idea of encounter, dialogues and frictions between artists, art making, disciplines and spaces.


Date: 09 April 2019 Soundwalk with CGeomap

Time: Sound Walking is setting off at 05.30 pm on 09 April 2019
The app will be available between 09 April 2019, from 05.30 pm onwards, until 12 September 2019.

Venue: Centro de Pesquisa e Formação do Sesc SP – SESC CPF (Rua Dr. Plínio Barreto, 285 – 4º andar – Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP, 01313-020)

Synopsis: Soundwalk with CGeomap app, which activates multiple actual and imagined layers in order to lead the listeners into a sensorial and aesthetic exploration of the path that leads from CPF Sesc to Trianon MASP.

Geert Vermeire: Writer, art curator and artist with 9 years of experience in Spatial Narratives,Transmedia, Mixed Reality, Sound Art, Soundwalk and Locative Media.

Fred Adam: Expert on Spatial Narratives with 8 years of experience in locative media.

Date: 10 April 2019 Encontros, Sonoridades, Universos (Encounters, Sonorities, Universes)

Time: 08.00 pm – 09.30 pm

Venue: Professor Aristóteles Orsini Planetarium, also known as Ibirapuera Planetarium (Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/n – Portão 10 – Ibirapuera, São Paulo – SP, 04094-000).

Free Entrance

Estudo em Nylon – Linhas de Fuga (Study in Nylon – Lines of Flight) with Karina Almeida e Mariana Carvalho

Venue: The Glass Room (Sala de Vidro) of the School of Astrophysics. Time: 08.00 pm

Synopsis: A Study in Nylon – Lines of Flight is a performance installation where the piano has been expanded into space by the use of nylon threads, creating a system body-piano-nylon- space that makes use of the cast-iron frame. The nylon threads stretch from the piano strings up to the walls and are played with the artist’s whole body and also rosin. The web stimulates new forms of playing, moving – bodies, crossings and connections between sound and space. Originally a solo performance by Mariana Carvalho, it now is given as a duo performance with Karina Almeida, interacting with the events theme I/O, I/Other and bringing into it dance as an extra aesthetic layer.

Mariana Carvalho: Pianist, improviser, performer and sound artist, she is interested in the body, gender, voice, prepared piano and installations. She is a member of Sonora network, NuSom and Orquestra Errante. She graduated in piano at USP (2013-2017). She has carried out a research on eutony and free improvisation during her FAPESP Junior Research Assistantship. She is also a member of Orquestra Errante, Camerata Prona and Coro Profana. She was artist in residence at AADK – Spain (2018).

Karina Almeida: Ballet dancer, choreographer and teacher of contemporary dancer. She has graduated in Dance, holds a M.A. and a Ph.D. in Arts of the Scene from UNICAMP. Part of her Ph.D. research was carried out in the United States, at the Barnard College Department of Dance, Columbia University in New York. For 9 years, she was a member of Seis + 1 dance company. She was a visiting scholar at the Department of Dance of UNICAMP, from August to December 2017. Since 2017, she teaches Studies and Body Practice at Célia Helena Superior School of Arts, where she is currently head of the lato sensu postgraduate studies in Body: Dance, Theater and Performance.

Interplanetários (Interplanatarium) with Orquestra Errante and LaBerrante

Venue: In the yard, between the glass room (sala de vidro) and the Planetarium (if it rains, the event will take place in the interior corridors of the Planetarium). Time: 08.25

Synopsis: An encounter between musicians and musicians. An encounter of artists with the space outside and with the interferences it suggests. An encounter between two groups of free improvisation. An encounter between sonorities, distances, proximities, universes.

Orquestra Errante: An experimental group devoted to the research and the practice of free improvisation. Founded in 2009 by the teacher, composer and researcher Rogério Costa – this group comprises musicians from the most diverse fields and with varied levels of musical knowledge. The collective and experimental creative practice of OE is based on the overcoming of traditional musical systems and on the idea that any sound can be put to use in a creative musical performance. The orchestra develops its activities out of a non-hierarchized democratic practice radically focused on the idea of live musical creating and experimenting.

LaBerrante: Experimental group of free improvisation founded in 2018 as a development of the research carried out by Orquestra Errante. A LaBerrante is composed of undergraduate students of Music from São Paulo University. The group explores the potentialities of improvisation as a means of knowledge production and as a tool for the development of creativity in the education of musicians. Bearing in mind that musical education should capacitate them to creatively make use of this language – to be a producer – and not only reproduce a traditional repertoire.

O Céu é o Algoritmo (The Sky is the Algorithm)with Abençoada e Fenerich

Venue: Inside the Ibirapuera Planetarium. Time: 08.50 pm


Stars pulsation. Between explosion and silence. Between the organic and the synthetic. Between a bowl and the votive offering. What does the sky explain, explain?

Abençoada: Between her two projects, Abençoada e bartholins glands, Bartira uses, among others, field recordings, spokenword, storytelling, eletronic and experimental music in order to interrogate the pariah narratives from the perspective of her own experience. Constantly moving, the setup of the artist is made up in the air, between a breathing and another step on the way. Await scientific fiction, lament and psycho-geographies.

Fenerich: He is a teacher, composer and a sound artist. He makes uses of the setup of his peripatetic collection of sounds: little flutes bought in second-hand street markets, berra-bois, the Rampone piccolo owned by his grandfather, bowl for votive offerings in Candomblé or Umbanda, and the live electronic set that he has composed for A Queda do Céu, opera by Tato Taborda.


¿MÚSICA? #15



The issue 15 of ¿Música? presents the ‘art squat’ Silicon Sounds between 1 and 26 of April 2019, in the Space of Arts of São Paulo University (Espaço das Artes da Universidade de São Paulo). The ‘art squat’ explores the theme of Experimental Luthiery as a concept that integrates practices located between music, visual arts and computer science, and as also a catalyst for new modes of sound experimentation with technology.
During the month of April, the Espaço das Artes will become the place where meetings will take place and reflections on sound will happen within a broadened perspective enriched by concepts borrowed from other fields of knowledge, turning musical instruments into machines, devices, arrangements, sculptures, interactive systems, resonating structures, means to explore information, the extension of the body, circuit, channel and experiment. During this time there will be expositions, performances and workshops.

Complete program in the website:
Sons de Silício – Experimental Luthiery.

Date: 1-26 April 2019. Time: 12.00pm – 08.00pm

Venue: Espaço das Artes-USP (Rua da Praça do Relógio, 160, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo-SP)
Free Entrance

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